Settling Down in Argentina

My New Job

I’ve been looking forward to settling down a bit after a couple of months on the road so I’m excited when I arrive to Mendoza to see my new home, meet my colleagues and get to know my job. And yeah, I’m really excited that I get to live in one of the biggest wine regions in the world, famous for their Malbec.

The Gorilla Hostel, that’ll be my home and job for the next couple of months, consists of a huge house placed in the residential area of Mendoza. It’s house filled with young and happy people and in no time it feels like a home. Here we take care of each other. Sharing foods and drinks, covering each other with blankets while watching films in the living room and covering each other’s shifts when necessary. The majority of my colleagues are from Argentina which gives me the perfect opportunity to polish my Spanish, and of course, my Argentinean accent (they do speak kind of different here, especially the “vos” and the pronunciation of some words takes time to get use to).

An Everyday Life in Mendoza

So what does a day in my everyday life looks like? Well, after waking up in the dorm with mostly new faces as room mates every night, it’s time for breakfast followed by different activities and adventures in and around Mendoza. That is if I’m not working. Both the city and the area around contain so much to do, see and of course, taste. The wine and food are amazing!

I mostly work during night so my day rhythm gets turned up side down. My shift starts at 11pm and the first couple of hours there’ll be life in the house. People are finishing their cooking, having a glass of wine, sharing a mate (the Argentineans love their mate), some are coming home, others are gathered around the TV in the living room. It’s low season which shows in the limited amount of guests.

At around 1am it quiets down and the house fills with this calming silence I get to love. This is when my colleague Eze often wakes up (yeah, like I said, we got funny day routines in the house). After making sure the house is neat and tidy, I’ll join him in the living room and watch Simpsons, Johnny Deep or Gordon Ramsay preform in Spanish most of the night. I’ve never really gotten their translation of movies. Somehow, I find it really funny!

At around 3am Angel will return from his job at the restaurant, Eze will go back to bed and the last partying people will have found their way back to the hostel. This is when I get a couple of hours of sleep on the couch before preparing breakfast. When the house once again fills with life in the morning, that’s when I’m off to bed for a couple of hours more before starting my day for real.

In all my job is easy; taking care of the reception, sharing information about our tours and the area with the guests, help maintain the house and keep the good vibe going. And yeah, now and then participate in different activities like asado night (a barbecue that the Argentineans love involving loads of meat).

A Thing for Hostel Life

Somehow, I love the hostel life. I love that you get to meet people from all over the world, and most of all, I love the atmosphere around a hostel. It’s so different from what you’ll find in a hotel or equal. It’s so much more intimate and people just got a different mentality than what you’ll find in a hotel. And just as I’m writing these lines, one of our guests invites me to join him for the lunch, he has just been cooking. Underlining exactly what it is that I’m saying. Hostel life is just different and so much more social and intimate. A part of traveling, is actually the search for the perfect hostel, and here in Mendoza at my work, I somehow found it.

A Change of Plans

My originally plan was to stay in Mendoza for a month but after three weeks, I can see that I’m in no way done with the city and my life in this beautiful place, and my luck is that Mendoza is not done with me. Mati and Belu, the owners of the hostel and the rest of my new acquaintances only get excited when I mention that I would love to stay for a longer period. So one month soon becomes two…

3 thoughts on “Settling Down in Argentina

  1. Søde Sara,
    Det lyder dejligt, når du beskriver dit liv i Mendoza og jeg kan sagtens følge dig ift. at blive hængende lidt endnu.
    ENJOY. knus Gudmor

  2. Thank you for sharing your adventures – I love you use “a journey of a lifetime” same sentence I used advertising my tours 🙂 and it is a journey of a lifetime you are on.

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