About Me


The Storyteller

First of all, welcome to my travel blog. On this site you can find stories and tales about my adventures around the world. I hope my journey will inspire you, no matter if you are considering going on your own journey, or if you are just searching for some good travel entertainment.

So who am I?

An experienced traveller on my biggest journey yet. Everything is sold back home, and I got no return ticket, nor plans of going back. This means a lot of freedom and no exact plan on where to go next, which I guess, is all part of the adventure.

My Background

I’m freelance writer, content writer and translator with a Master Degree in Cross-Cultural Studies and a Bachelor in Spanish. This probably explains my interest in cultures and cultural differences, and of course, my passion for Latin America.

The Journey

I started my journey in December 2016, and so far I’ve visited Cuba, Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, USA, Indonesia, Singapore, and Philippines.


If you want to know more, you are welcome to find me on Facebook or Instagram.


I hope you’ll enjoy my stories.


Love to all of you from Sara

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